Harvard Common App Essay: What you would want your future college roommate to know about you

Harvard Common App Essay: What you would want your future college roommate to know about you

What you would want your future college roommate to know about you?

Hello roomie! It’s nice to be able to talk to you about myself before I meet you. This way, when I do meet up with you, we will hopefully be based the awkward phase, and finally starting to become friends. I hope that everything has been going well for you prior to packing your bags and heading into the dorms. But I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself, and let you know a few things about me.

I am a fairly diverse individual. I like to have fun, and I like to learn. So it could be a toss up between me watching funny videos or reading my textbook until 3:00 a.m. on any given day. But I hope that doesn’t bother you, and I hope you are semi-active like me. On a nice day, with little to no class work to do, I would like to go outside and play ultimate frisbee, or take a walk down the park, or even just sit in the sun. So don’t be blind-sided when I come back from physics and I try dragging you outside in the fall.

Just a heads-up before we meet…I am a bit weird. I have many diverse interests that seem to coincide within me. I like to watch YouTube videos, anime shows, cartoons, local news, historical documentaries, and science shows. But don’t worry about doing anything in a dirty room; I know how to take care of myself, and I will keep my share of the room clean. But besides that, I tend to make corny jokes that aren’t funny, and I don’t really participate in social media. That’s right: no Twitter, no Snapchat, no Instagram. So no, I won’t add you off of my phone: I am clearly too busy watching “Cosmos” to care.

And lastly, I just want to say that I will be scared, but I will try not to admit it. I haven’t really spent a whole lot of time away from my family. Sure a day or two is one thing, but staying away for months at a time is a change I have to get used to. So that’s where I’ll need you to come in, to be supportive of this different time in my life. I care about my family dearly, and I may be missing them a lot, but they know how seriously I want to get a good education. So don’t worry if I shed a solitary tear every now and again. But hopefully you will come to trust me as your second family, as I will undoubtedly do the same.


With warm regards and best wishes,



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