MIT Essay: Additional information or material

MIT Essay: Additional information or material

No admission application can meet the needs of every individual. If you think that additional information or material will give us a more thorough impression of you, please respond on separate sheets.

A few of my other extra curricular activities include 4-H, Anime Club, and the freshmen Ignition Mentors. Through 4-H, I was able to grow from a young seedling into a mighty oak-sure enough of my own strength to stand tall against the negative things in life. I also started my school’s Anime Club at the end of my junior year. As well, I didn’t run for any leadership roles; I didn’t want to infringe upon anyone else’s right to hold a leadership position in this club. And as a freshmen Ignition Mentor, I work with other mentors to help the incoming freshmen readjust from the middle school to the high school. After attending WISE 1 earlier this year, I felt enabled and ready to apply to MIT. I didn’t believe that I would be accepted, or that I belonged; however, I now see that this is the place where I can be myself completely.

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