MIT Essay: Describe the world you come from

MIT Essay: Describe the world you come from

Describe the world you come from; for example, your family, clubs, school, community, city, or town. How has that world shaped your I reside dreams and in aspirations?

[Redacted], a rural town (actually so small it is classified as a village) in Northwest Ohio. My family consists of my loving parents, and my little sister. The one key trait I have learned from my upbringing is confidence. I have always been taught to listen to my thoughts and not to follow the crowd. Confidence is necessary to know who I am. With this skill I have had the privilege of dreaming big. I have dreamed of leaving the village, leaving the county, or even leaving the state. Moving outside of Ohio is almost unheard of in my area; nearly all graduates settle back into [Redacted] or very close by. My parents have never limited me to the norm, though. When I had aspirations of being a lawyer in a huge city, they didn’t tell me to stay grounded. They told me to dream bigger and aim higher. They insisted that I needed to push myself to reach my lofty goals because nothing would be handed to me. So while others didn’t care if they received a B on the test or if they didn’t grasp the material, I strived for perfection. I knew that I had the ability to make an impact on this world with dedication, determination, and some loving support. I learned all these attributes and more from my family.

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