Stanford Supplement Essay: Future Roommate

Stanford Supplement Essay: Future Roommate

Virtually all of Stanford’s undergraduates live on campus. Write a note to your future roommate that reveals something about you or that will help your roommate–and us–know you better.

Hello, dear roommate.

Let’s break the laws of the Universe.

Although it’s not quite to scale, I like to think of our new home as an atom, and you and I as two wonderfully energetic electrons buzzing around campus. Now, the Pauli exclusion principle lays down the law quite firmly-“No two identical fermions can occupy the same quantum state simultaneously.” However, this presents some serious problems for our blooming room-lationship. I propose a new solution: the Hoatson Insert-Your-Last-Name-Here INclusion principle.

  1. Our principle quantum numbers should fall wherever we feel comfortable- if both of us need more time away from the room, we can have equal n’s. Our binding energies remain our own decisions.
  2. Azithumal quantum numbers are also ours to choose. If we both have similar interests and comfort zones, then of course our orbitals can take the same shape; if not, then that’s okay! Pauli can win this time.

III. Ah, the magnetic quantum number. An extra orbital is indeed acceptable, even for both of us simultaneously. Just please don’t kick me out to spend time with yours-I promise to follow the same rules!

  1. And finally, the spin magnetic number. As the best particle system on campus, we are absolutely allowed to be positive simultaneously. In fact, I wouldn’t have it any other way! If you’re feeling negative, I’ll be sure to flip you right side up.

Experimentally, weekly CoHo excursions accomplish this goal.

Get ready for an amazing year at Stanford.


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